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Yellowstone Flood Conditions

As we all know there was recently a flood in the northern entrance of Yellowstone National Park. At this time we are closely monitoring the situation but we have lots of good news for our summer guests. Sadly the Northern Entrance from Gardner Montana to Mammoth has been closed due to extreme flooding in that area. As of June 21st Yellowstone is planning to reopen routes into Yellowstone from the East Gate (Cody Wyoming) the West Gate and South Entrance to Jackson hole.

All operations on the Lower Loop will be available. Parts of the Upper Loop will be opening soon as well and the Grand Tetons are fully available. Yellowstone has closed the entire park for monitoring the situation of the park and using their resources to help with the flooded area in the north. Yellowstone spans 2.2 million acres (3600 square miles) and the Yellowstone river flows north so the affected area is on the Montana side. Wyoming is open and all tours from Cody Wyoming Adventures will resume June 21st.

YELLOWSTONE RESERVATION SYSTEM: Due to mass amounts of traffic that will be entering the park on the lower loop Yellowstone is beginning a reservation system for travelers going through the park. If you are NOT going on a tour with a tour company then you will have to get a reservation. If you ARE taking a tour with us at Cody Wyoming Adventures you will not be required to make a reservation.

Our tours are all inclusive so there will be less need to put a strain on concessions for food, snacks, beverages, etc.

Yellowstone National Park is recommending that guests that can should take a tour to be able to slow the parking issues and help to prevent gridlock in the park.

Please call us at 307-587-6988!

Thank you, CWA

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Open-Air Tour of Yellowstone

All Ages • 12 Hours • From $275.00

Join us on the only open-air tour in all of Yellowstone National Park and experience its stunning beauty firsthand! Don’t forget your camera!

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About Cody Wyoming Adventures

We are a family-owned tour company serving guests in the greater Yellowstone area. We offer a variety of Yellowstone National Park tours including open-air tours, luxury tours, standard van tours, hiking tours, and private tours. We also offer Red Canyon Wild Mustang Tours, photography tours, Kirwin Ghost Town tours, and several different whitewater rafting tours. We can accommodate guests’ needs for vacation rentals as well as kayak and paddle board rentals. With the widest variety of vacation options in the Cody area, we can help you have a memorable vacation.

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At Cody Wyoming Adventures we are proud to offer the best vacation rentals available in the area! Both of our options will be the best home base for all of your adventures in Cody, Yellowstone National Park, and the surrounding area!

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Choose between four amazing whitewater rafting trips!

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Experience the stunning beauty of Yellowstone, Red Canyon and more on our adventures!

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Our tours and rentals are great for the whole family to enjoy during your stay at Cody!

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See firsthand the amazing wildlife and fascinating history of the area!

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Explore Cody’s fabulous waters with a fun and safe kayak, paddle board, or ducky rental!

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Cody Wyoming Adventures

I had a wonderful time going white water rafting. The guide was so knowledgeable about all the wildlife and all about the area we were visiting. I wish I would have had more time to explore all around Cody. They did an excellent job in keeping us safe and having a good time.

– Holly A. | Tripadvisor
Cody Wyoming Adventures
Wild mustangs!

Loved seeing the wild mustangs! We got to see 2 groups of horses with the second being about a 20-minute walk to get within viewing distance. Our guide was knowledgeable about the mustangs' origins and behaviors which made the ride all the more interesting. I would recommend this tour!

– Wendy H. | Tripadvisor
Cody Wyoming Adventures
Great Yellowstone Tour!

Chris did a really nice job taking us around the Lower Loop. He has a great eye for spotting the wildlife. We saw bison, elk and a bull moose. The natural wonders were amazing to see in person versus what we learned in history. Chris knew how to navigate the busy areas, providing us with a wonderful overall experience!

– Kathleen L. | Tripadvisor
Cody Wyoming Adventures
Great rafting experience!

Had a great half-day rafting trip on the Shoshone river with Chris as our guide. He had super knowledge of the area with a good sense of humor. We felt super safe and had a blast. I would highly recommend their whitewater adventure to anyone wishing to have a great time while visiting Cody!

– Aaron J. | Tripadvisor